Police Officer

If you work in the police force then you are eligible for a uniform tax rebate. All police officers (including community support) up to Chief Inspector can claim a rebate.

If you work for the Police in a different role such as back-office, then you can also make a claim, although the rate at which you can claim tax relief is different to that of an Officer.

How much could someone working in the police force claim back?

You can claim a tax rebate to cover the cost of laundering which can be backdated by a maximum of four years. You can also make claims for jobs you have had in the past – so long as it is within the four year period.

Police Officers can claim £140 per year to cover the cost of cleaning and repairing specialist clothing and equipment that is required for the role. Community Support Officers can also claim the same set amount of £140.

All other employees who work for the police force and wash their own uniform will be able to make a uniform tax rebate claim of £60 per year.

If you make a tax rebate claim with UniformTaxClaim.co.uk not only will you receive a lump sum payment, but we will also ensure your tax code is altered – so that you pay less income tax each month to cover the cost of laundering your uniform.

Police Federation Subscription

If you’re a member of the Police Federation and pay the subscription fees then you could be eligible for additional tax relief. You can claim a tax rebate on the full cost of membership and can make a backdated claim of up to four years.

If you work for the Metropolitan Police, note that your subscription fees are taken at source from your salary before your taxed – therefore you cannot make an additional tax rebate claim for Police Federation costs.



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